Packaging is an essential component of every product. Product packaging defines a lot about the product and even makes it stand out from its competitors. The competition is cut-throat, even for the packaging boxes or bags. It conveys the product’s message to consumers and helps establish the visual appeal of a brand, creating the best possible opportunities to attract consumers to the product. In this article, we will understand the custom packaging boxes and bags, which can be a turning point in sales for many businesses. Let’s get started.

What are the different types of paper boxes?

Many different packaging materials are used for making boxes and bags. And seeing that, you will notice that there are even multiple types of paper boxes. Here are some of them you need to understand.

Cardboard boxes

This is one of the most common packaging boxes at retail stores. The cardboard boxes are generally created from a single layer of heavy-duty paper paperboard. Comparatively, cardboard sheets are lightweight and slimmer than corrugated boxes. These are used for consumable small toys, etc. These are also taken as file storage boxes.

Corrugated boxes

Corrugated board papers are different from the cardboard box. They are meant to be robust and durable substances that can endure excessive pressure levels that expand its mass. Corrugated boxes are widely used these days because of their exceptional features. It is made using multiple layers of paperboard, which increases the safety of any product. These are affordable and eco-friendly, used for shipping computers and packaging food items.

Duplex Board

The duplex board is a type of carton. Compared to paperboard in general, it has its characteristics, usually white and gray on the back. Paper is a popular option among packaging materials for snacks for various reasons. Firstly, paper has the lowest quality paperboard and its pricing is quite affordable as compared to other kinds of paperboards.

Rigid box

Rigid boxes are accessible in common and foldable styles used by famous brands for displaying their products at the point of sale or for shipping. The construction of these rigid boxes substantially impacts and thankfully there are numerous customization options available that can ensure a strong brand statement.  These are convenient to transport and store, and these boxes cannot be folded easily.

Tips and best practices for shipping paper boxes from India to international destinations

Here are some of the points you need to remember in order to make your shipping process straightforward.

Verify the permitted size and weight.

You must adhere to the appropriate weight and dimension of the box. The box or crate you choose for packaging should support the whole weight of your product. Your products can easily get damaged when shipped, primarily when expensive and bulky.

Ensure that you are prepared to withstand the stress and demands of international shipping.

You must understand the security demands of international shipping. Ensure that you verify the security of the transported products. When your product is transported overseas, it must be checked that it endures the stresses of transportation. Your items might be sent with a variety of other items. Ensure they are all secured and able to be placed alongside, on top of, and against other items without damage.

Preferring Protection over the Looks

There is no denying that you want your product to stand out from the rest, but you also need to pay attention to the protection of your product. Because when you ship your product overseas, it demands transitional pauses, therefore, it is recommended to go for sturdy packaging.  One should always prioritize practicality over aesthetics to ensure complete protection to your product.

How to assess Customer feedback?

One should always listen to what their customers are saying.  Hence, you should always devote some time to determine that the packaging that you are offering to your customers is adequate for needing some work on enhancing its features.  Keeping up with the feedback of the customers is essential to meet or even exceed their expectations.  If you ignore or do not evaluate their needs, you will not be able to face the future hassles and might go dissatisfied.

Select the proper box size.

Packaging your product in an appropriate box before transporting it internationally is necessary, and you need to prevent your parcels from shifting while they are being transported. Not only for the small packages, but you must also keep up with the extensive products and pack in boxes nearly the same size. If the box is larger than the item, fill the space with the safeguarding packaging materials.

Final Words!

The Indian packaging sector is one of the diverse and broad sectors of industries and products, and the packaging sector in India is proliferating. In the content mentioned above, we have provided you with the different types of paper boxes companies use for their businesses in packaging their products and even the tips and practices you need to learn before shipping boxes abroad.

You must contact a reliable manufacturer to customize your packaging boxes.


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