Monday Night Football is a cherished tradition for football enthusiasts, offering a thrilling matchup each week during the NFL season. It’s a time when fans gather around their screens to watch some of the most exciting games of the year. In this article, we’ll explore who plays Monday Night Football tonight and on which channel you can catch the action.

Monday Night Football Schedule

The Monday Night Football schedule is released well in advance of the NFL season, and fans eagerly anticipate the matchups for each week. Monday Night Football typically features one game on Monday night, pitting two NFL teams against each other in a prime-time showdown. The schedule is designed to showcase competitive games and high-profile teams to maximize viewership.

The teams selected for Monday Night Football games are often those expected to deliver exciting and closely contested matchups, making it a must-watch event for football fans.

How to Find Out Who Plays Tonight

To determine which teams are playing on Monday Night Football tonight, you can take a few simple steps:

NFL Website: The official website of the NFL ( is an excellent source for up-to-date information on game schedules, including Monday Night Football. You can visit the website and navigate to the “Schedule” section to find information on the Monday night matchup.

Sports News Outlets: Sports news outlets and websites, such as ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and CBS Sports, provide comprehensive coverage of the NFL and regularly update their readers on the upcoming Monday Night Football game, including details about the teams involved.

Social Media: Following the NFL, relevant teams, and sports news accounts on social media platforms like Twitter can be an efficient way to stay informed about the Monday Night Football matchup. These accounts often post updates and breaking news related to the NFL schedule.

Television Listings: Many cable and satellite TV providers offer detailed program listings. You can check your TV guide or provider’s website to find information about the Monday Night Football game, including the teams playing and the channel on which it will be broadcast.

What Channel is Monday Night Football On?

Monday Night Football is typically broadcast on ESPN, a leading sports network known for its extensive coverage of professional sports, including the NFL. ESPN has been the home of Monday Night Football for several years, and the network provides in-depth analysis, pre-game and post-game coverage, and commentary from sports experts.

Here are some key details about watching Monday Night Football on ESPN:

Channel Number: The channel number for ESPN can vary depending on your cable or satellite TV provider and your location. In most cases, ESPN is found on channel numbers in the low 100s.

HD and Standard Definition: ESPN offers both high-definition (HD) and standard-definition (SD) broadcasts, so you can enjoy the game in the picture quality that suits your TV.

Streaming Services: If you don’t have access to cable or satellite TV, you can still watch Monday Night Football on ESPN through various streaming services that offer ESPN as part of their packages. Popular options include Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV.

Broadcast Time: Monday Night Football games typically kick off at 8:15 PM (Eastern Time) and are accompanied by pre-game coverage that begins earlier in the evening.

It’s important to check your local listings or consult your TV provider to verify the channel number and broadcast time for Monday Night Football in your area. Additionally, if you plan to watch the game on a streaming service, make sure you have a compatible device and a subscription that includes ESPN.

In Conclusion

Monday Night Football is a beloved tradition in the NFL, bringing fans exciting games and thrilling moments each week during the season. To find out who plays Monday Night Football tonight and on which channel, you can consult the NFL’s official website, sports news outlets, social media, and television listings. Watching the game on ESPN, the dedicated home of Monday Night Football, is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the action and enjoy expert analysis and commentary. So, get ready to grab your snacks and team gear and settle in for an unforgettable night of football.


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